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This Week’s New Books

If you’re wondering why I’m not having an IMM – read this post.

There are so many new “Look at my new books!” memes that I’m having troubles choosing. I know a few of the hosts personally and I don’t feel like picking teams on this one. So, I introduce my own conglomeration of all the memes out there! If you’re hosting a similar meme or if one of your friends hosts one, let me know and I’ll add their graphic (:

Studying… studying… studying. And some reading! That’s my horribly boring life right now. Just two more weeks to go until (relative) freedom!

Click on the titles to go to their Goodreads page.

For Review:

Interesting looking science-fiction book by Erec Stebbins about a seventeen-year-old girl that goes on a space adventure. Review copy courtesy of the author.

Translated from (I think) Swedish, Thin Ice is a contemporary book about a boy that goes to live with his aunt near a frozen lake. I have no idea what to expect, but sometimes that is a good thing (: Review copy received through the Book Depository reviewer programme.

So what do you have in your mailbox, on your shelf or to showcase? Leave a comment!