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The Sunday Post 20/09/15

Sunday PostThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba from The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I believe I’m finally coming out of the transitioning period. Although I still have tons of stuff to do, I worry less over it, and I’ve gone back to leave-everything-to-the-very-last-moment Celine. Ah, it’s so good to have her back.

As this week’s picture demonstrates, I’ve been having a major case of wanderlust. We’re probably going away for a few days this January, and I’m looking into fight prices and AirBnbs and it makes me want to travel. Places I’m considering for our next trip right now are Lisbon, Istanbul, and all of the Italian cities. January can’t come soon enough!

Picture of the week

This week on Nyx Book Reviews

I love Halloween, and nothing is going to stop me from getting excited about October coming up again. To get in the right mood, I’m asking for your scary book recommendations. I’m still looking for some more good ones, so if you’d like me to read your favourite scary book, make sure to leave your recommendation in the comments or someplace else for me to find it. I’m getting an early start with the steampunk Frankenstein retelling by Mackenzie Lee.

Read this week

Nothing! Well, that’s my life now. Very little reading, very little fun. I did manage to snatch some pages here and there, but nothing substantial.

From the dream diary

Last week I talked about how I keep a dream diary. I’ve only recently started doing this – only writing down dreams I find interesting or funny – but I’ve really been enjoying it. Usually I would just tell my boyfriend my dreams before I forgot them, and now I get to revisit them long after they’ve faded from my memory. For your enjoyment, here is one taken from the diary:

10th of July 2015

I am back at my old high school, and instead of my own locker, I now have the one left of it. Because of the confusion this causes, I miss multiple classes.

There is a serial killer who has it out for me and who keeps sending me creepy text messages – or am I sending them myself?

I manage to hide from the killer by concealing myself beneath a pair of bushes. I see the killer walking past me right in front of me. She does not see me, but other people aren’t as lucky, and she kills them.

Later, I’m at the bakery to buy some pastries. Behind the counter is the killer. She aims a gun at me, looks me in the eye – but then lowers it. She has decided to let me live.

How was your week?

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