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The Sunday Post 11/10/15

Sunday PostThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba from The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Hello bookish people! I am here to let you know that I survived the week of academic doom. Only two more weeks of classes and a week of working on an essay, and then I’ll have my hard-earned week off 😀 The upcoming few weeks will be decisive for what kind of mark I’ll get for the two courses I’m taking. It’s kind of scary, because my grades have been fantastic so far, and I’d like to keep them that way.

In other news, you might have noticed my review went up on Saturday rather than Friday. I had bought some new computer parts, and on Thursday Mr Boyfriend and I built the computer. Sadly for me, the thing does no longer work. Turns out it doesn’t boot any more, and I need the Windows install disk – which I, of course, did not have in my apartment. I felt pretty ridiculous on Thursday, having to live without a PC. I still had my tablet, but I can’t blog on that. I never knew I was this dependant on my computer. I’m now at my mom’s on my laptop, and I hope that I get the PC fixed this Monday.

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This week on Nyx Book Reviews

I shared the spooky/paranormal themed books I’m going to try to read this month. I wish I could read all the books, but at my new reading pace, I’m going to try for four! Better late than never, I shared my thoughts on Asimov’s Foundation. The book has some pretty cool ideas, but Asimov clearly has some issues with women, in that they don’t seem to exist for him.

Read this week

I finished The Unquiet this week, a science-fiction book heavily inspired by the third season of Fringe. It features two parallel universes, but only one can fully exist. The other world, Earth II, is slowly disappearing, inhabitants included. Lira is a sleeper, someone being trained for a special mission in a cottage on Earth I.

Although I liked the story and the book, I cannot really love The Unquiet because of the implications it makes towards good and evil. Without trying to give any spoilers, it seems to say that you can still be a good person even though you’re actively participating in a genocide. That is something I simply cannot accept, and it hampered me in my enjoyment of the book.

How was your week?

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