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sunday stew

Sunday Stew #9

Around the Web: Last weekend I went to the festival called Pinkpop, where I got to see some terribly AWESOME bands. The act that concluded the weekend were the Foo Fighters. Of all closing acts (Coldplay, Kings of Leon) I thought the Foo Fighters had the best performance. And it’s always fun to see front […]

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Sunday Stew #8

Around the Web: Upcoming Saterday through Monday I’ll be standing on a big field with 40,000 other people, enjoying the awesome music of the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, 30 Seconds to Mars and other great bands! From the air it looks somewhat like this: And with this festival called “Pinkpop” come these characteristic pink hats (of […]


Sunday Stew #7

Around the Web: I haven’t been on the web at all last few weeks, as I was trying hard to get through my finals, and I’m proud to tell you all that I have survived! So today I will be sharing one of my favourite songs by the amazing band Midgar: Around Me: Blog Tour: […]


Sunday Stew #6

Around the Web: This Friday I went on a book shopping spree, as you can see in this week’s In My Mailbox post. There was something we Dutch people call the “Boekenfestijn”, which literally translates to “Booksfest”. There are rows and rows of tables full with books, all for discount prices. Sometimes they are slightly […]


Sunday Stew #5

Around the Web: This week I finally ventured into the world of Panem, reading the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy. For those who haven’t read it yet, it’s as awesome as everyone tells you! I think the book lends itself really well for a movie adaptation, so I’m looking forward to seeing it. […]


Sunday Stew #4

Around the Web: Happy Easter everyone! I have no idea why someone would put two fluffy rabbits in fake eggs and make a picture of it, but it looks extremely cute anyway! I so want to cuddle the right one, I mean, he looks like he has a big beard. And that cute little paw… […]


Sunday Stew #3

Around the Web: Not really a web thing, but I found a very pretty picture. I went book shopping yesterday (bought six very awesome books) in this beautiful book store in Maastricht, The Netherlands. You jealous already? Basically, it’s a book store inside a church. Too bad their English section is a bit small for […]


Sunday Stew #2

Around the Web: When browsing around on Youtube looking for book trailers, I came across this one. I have never heard of the author or her books, but I absolutely loved her trailer! Come on, it has purple My Little Ponies! (For the quickly bored: it starts at 0:40) Around Me: Teaser Tuesday #22: Sisters […]

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Sunday Stew #1

Shannon of Books Devoured is doing a new meme on Sunday, and as I don’t have anything scheduled on Sunday, why not participate! Around the Web: I’ll be getting a Kindle 3G in a few months, and I’m looking into cases and skins. And I found this awesome site, GelaSkins, where they have super cute […]