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Guest Post: Emlyn Chand on Self Publishing

To celebrate being back from my well-needed blogging break, I am having the wonderful Emlyn Chand over today for a guest post, courtesy of Orangeberry Virtual Tours. Without further ado, here is her post! The Guest Post The Self-Published Author is No Different than the Salem Witch Let’s face it – the publishing industry is […]

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Interview: Jessica Bennett of Grub Street Reads

Today’s interview is a little bit different from what you might be used to here on Nyx Book Reviews. I’m not interviewing an author (well – she is an author, but that’s not the focus of the interview), but the co-owner of new indie book endorsement company Grub Street Reads. The Interview Nyx Book Reviews: […]

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Guest Post: Graham Parke on Publishing

As you probably know, to become an internationally best-selling author, you need to sell three books. This is not an easy task, but once you’ve managed to rack up these three sales, the rest is more or less a done deal. Now, these sales themselves will not put you on the best-seller lists. They won’t […]

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