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Discussion: Three Common Misconceptions about Piracy

The battle against piracy is still raging; yet it seems to be a battle against thin air. How are we to punish these crooks that invade our internet safe waters and steal our copyrighted content? There are laws that can put digital pirates into jail or forces them to pay massive fines – yet there […]


The Internet After SOPA Passes

As you all may know by now, today is the day big websites like Wikipedia and Reddit will black out to potest against the SOPA law. Countless blogs are participating too, and while I’m not blacking out my blog, I will post about this. SOPA in a nutshellBasically the Stop Online Piracy Act (or SOPA […]

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The New Internet Pirates: Ebook Downloading

Yesterday in an article on The High Low, there has been stated that “One in every three people who download e-books on their digital readers do so illegally”. Even though this statement at first seems shocking, I personally can’t see this problem so black and white as a lot of authors and publishers do. Don’t […]

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