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Classics Mini Reviews #1

Title: Jane Eyre Author: Charlotte Bronte First Publication: 1847 Jane Eyre starts with Jane’s terrible childhood and the awful conditions she faces at school, until she becomes a governess. Though I’m nothing like her at all, I like Jane. She doesn’t mind following the path others lay down for her, but when that path goes […]

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Literary Fiction Mini-Reviews #3

Title: Disgrace Author: J.M. Coetzee First Publication: 1999 Like many post-modern literary novels, Disgrace starts with sex. Professor David Lurie thinks he has everything worked out. Once a week he visits a prostitute, he teaches at the university, and once in a while he talks to his ex-wife or his daughter. An affair with a […]

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Jane Austen Day

Today 335 years ago one of the most inspirational female writers was born. And of course, this must be celebrated! As Chick with Books kindly pointed out, a few sites have agreed to give away free ebook copies of novels that are inspired by Jane Austen’s books. You can check out Barnes & Noble, and […]