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A Week Off!

Hi lovely blog readers! I hope you are all well – and if you celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, that you had a nice celebration. This is a short notification to let you know that I will be taking a break from the blog for a week, so I can get all of my ducks back in […]

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Taking A Short Break

Like our adorable dog Bonnie here, I can use a nap break! Therefore I’m taking a breather from Nyx Book Reviews for a week. The 25th of April will mark the day of my return, with my stop of the Storm book tour. Hope everyone has a great week in the mean time, and hope […]

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Taking a Week Off!

With this terribly warm weather it’s too much of a chore to sit behind my laptop and blog, so I decided to take a week off! I’ll be back again next week Thursday, with a review of Amy Plum’s Die For Me. Hope to see you then!

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