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Review: Eren by Simon P. Clark

Title: Eren
Author: Simon P. Clark
Series: None
Rating: 3 Stars

208 pages
Expected publication September 18th 2014 by Constable & Robinson
Review copy received from the publisher

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Eren. This review is incredibly hard to write, because I barely have any thoughts on this book. Unlike the characters in Eren, I’m not much of a storyteller.

Suddenly Oli is whipped away from his home and friends in London, and has to go live with his uncle in a small town. The grown-ups keep telling him lies, and when Oli discovers the creature in the attic he decides to keep a secret himself.

Eren subscribes to a rather particular brand of meta-fiction. The core of the book is talking about stories and what stories are and how important they are (mainly in conversations between Eren and Oli), but I honestly just didn’t get it. I have to disclaim though that for me stories are just that, things people tell each other. Fictions. I don’t think there is anything magical or special about it at all – telling stories is natural to humans, just like eating or sleeping. If you do want to philosophize about the nature of stories, Eren might be very interesting for you.

The story itself was good. It had a beginning. Solid middle. Strong ending. There was some foreshadowing and a grand finale. The ending itself is rather vague, but it’s not “open ended”. Depending on your expectations, it might not be very satisfying though (as several other reviewers have pointed out).

Overall my feelings towards Eren are decidedly neutral. It didn’t grasp my attention, nor did it bore me. It had some nice creepiness going on at times, but it was never truly scary. If the premise interests you, I’d say, go for it.


People are keeping secrets from Oli – about where his father is, and why he hasn’t come to join them at his uncle’s house in the country.

But Oli has secrets too.

He knows what lives in the attic. Eren – part monster, part dream, part myth. Eren who always seems so interested, who always wants to hear more about Oli’s life. Eren, who needs to hear stories to live, and will take them from Oli, no matter the cost.

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