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RCC Challenge: My Teaser

Here is my entry for the Don’t Be Such a Tease Challenge (find the challenge here). I’m being a bad girl again, since I’m reading a non review book (I try to alternate between owned and review books to avoid burn outs). But I will start Sisters of Glass in a few days, so I thought I would share the first chapter of the book, to give you a taste! It’s all written in this kind of poetry style. Click on the cover to find out more about the book.

Second Daughter
    I feel Giovanna’s fire
as Mother prepares me for suitors, polishes me
while Giovanna polishes glass.
    Though I am the younger daughter
and rightfully should not marry
into Venetian nobility,
my father declared
the day I was born,
the week he invented cristallo,
that I was his
baby of good fortune,
and good fortune would be mine.

It sounds like a really interesting book, definitely something I haven’t read before. I’m looking forward to read your teasers!

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