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Only 9900443 to go! Doing the math..

I have a new goal in life: to read 1,000,000 pages in a lifetime.* Yes, a million pages. In fiction books. That will come down on (on an average of 350 pages per book) reading about 2857 books. Lets presume I will live another fifty years (fingers crossed), that will be about 57,1 books every year. And that’s a goal we can work with.

Started counting on the first of January this year, I have currently reached my first 10,000. That’s 1% everyone! At this rate 50 years will be a pretty accurate estimate. (Getting bored with numbers already? Just wait and see…) What if I’m finished early? I won’t have purpose in life any more!

Ah well, maybe that’s the time when I will start to read the List of All Lists: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. At the moment I have only read 7 out of the 1001 *blushes*. Yes, I should be ashamed. But I’m working on the classics! Still have those 50 years before me, remember? I have 994 left to read, so that means I will have to read an average of 20 (19,88 actually.. but how do you know when you’ve finished 88% of a book?) every single year! That on top of all my to read YA and UF and other guilty pleasures…

Combined with my 1m-pages goal I will have to read 20 List-books every year and 37 other books. Damn.
Don’t you just love numbers?

PS*. This idea is from one of my groups One Million Pages Per Lifetime . Come and join the struggle!

My pages read:

(I only count pages of finished books on this one, for it’s easier to oversee; so it always be about 200-500 pages lower than my actual number of read pages)