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On Being More Organised in Blogging

As you might have noticed from my posts lately, I’m not entirely comfortable with where my blog is now (Is Blogging Getting Old, Or Is It Just Me?). One of the things I’ve been working on is getting more organised (5 Tips to Help Schedule Posts). I’m not relaxed enough to just go with the flow and not post anything for two weeks, and neither am I dedicated enough to set aside a certain day/time a week to work on blogging. I just blog whenever.

I’ve tried several things, and plenty of them failed within a week. My current experiment is having a blog calendar. Here is the current version of the November page (screenshot taken on November 10th).

shotAs you can see, I put in the names  of the posts I want to do into a simple month-view calendar that came with my version of Word. The posts that I’ve written and scheduled I make green, the ones that still need to be written are red. What I love about this method:

  • It’s extremely flexible. I can shuffle all posts around, see what fits better, spread reviews if something else comes up…
  • It makes it easier to post every day, or at least as often a week as your goal is. As you can see, there are only three days this November that I’m not posting (if all goes well)
  • If I have an idea for a post, I write down the title in an empty day, so I won’t forget about it

I’m very much a person that likes to write on physical stuff. I like paper and pens and crossing things off and adding arrows and scribbled notes. This method I’m using now is perfect for this – I simply print the month view every two weeks, and start scribbling and rearranging. away.

IMG_20131110_144844I apologize for the bad quality of the picture, but I think you get the idea. So far I’ve been very pleased with this way of planning my blog. It’s just so easy to browse through the titles when you have a free ten minutes, to pick a post, and start writing it. I’ll continue using this method for another month, and will check in again in December to see how it’s been working out.

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