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On Being More Organised in Blogging – Pt. 2

About a month ago I blogged about my new way of organising my blog posts. Basically, I have a calendar in Word that I continually update, in which I keep track of what ideas for posts I have, and whether they have been written or not. The current version of the December page looks like this.

screenAs you can see I have written and scheduled all the posts except this one and my mailbox post this Saturday. I’ve started using this method at the end of October, so I’ve been working with it long enough to re-evaluate my thoughts on it.

  • It is really flexible, and I like that. It’s so easy and guilt-free to just delete the contents of a box if I feel that I don’t have enough time to write it. December was A LOT fuller in the previous version, but I deleted almost half the posts when I discovered how many deadlines I have in early January
  • I do really need a way of organising and scheduling posts, or I completely forget about certain books and reviews
  • One of my 2014 resolutions will be to pace myself with blogging, and forcing myself to only post two times a week, at least for January; using the calendar will help keep myself in check
  • It’s been great seeing all the red boxes changing to green, until an entire month turned green (mission success!)

Overall, I think using the calendar has made blogging a lot less stressful, and it gives me a lot of insight in when different reviews are due. November was my most successful blogging month in a very long time – it had 24 posts, of which only 2 were blog tours. I posted a total of 12 reviews in November, which is an insane average of three reviews a week. 2014 will be a lot less crazy than that, but it was fun to see that I could do this.

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