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Nyx Weekly #3

NyxWeeklyOn the blog:
In life:

Have been unpacking boxes all week, but the apartment is shaping up to be amazing. It already looks really good, and once the finishing touches are done I’ll make sure to post some pictures (:

I’ve also been having some super annoying bouts of dizziness all week, even though I’ve been super careful not to over-exert myself. Maybe it’s just a tad of the flu annoying my immune system. Hopefully next week will be better.

New Books:
  • City of Dragons by Robin Hobb – Bought. Went to a small second-hand book store just a few streets from my new apartment, and it’s so cool! They have tons of books for a super low price. Found this copy of Robin Hobb for only €1,50 (around $2), still in perfect condition

Song of the week:

Bit of cuteness:

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