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Looking for Recommendations: Quick Reads

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The last few months have been quite stressful for me, and consequently I have very little focus. Though it’s slowly getting better, I still have a hard time actually sitting down with a book, and an even harder time finishing anything. I’m usually quite a fan of long and/or complicated books, but at the moment these aren’t working for me. Therefore I’m turning to you, lovely readers, to recommend me some quick reads!

I’m looking for:
  • Anything that’s easy to read. A good read would be something that isn’t too long (think 300 pages max), is fast-paced and gripping.
  • My preferred genre is fantasy, including sub-genres such as urban fantasy, steampunk, paranormal romance, etcetera. However, I’m also up for quick and light romance/contemporary stories
  • Nothing too bleak or depressing. I’m trying to escape my problems, not add to them 😀
  • Both adult and YA are fine. No middle grade unless it’s REALLY good
Some quick reads I’ve enjoyed in the past:

quick reads

Feel free to check out my shelves on Goodreads to see what I’ve read so far. Don’t be afraid to recommend a book that is already on my to be read list, often I forget which books are on there.

What quick reads would you recommend?

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