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Interview with the Page Girls

Today I’m interviewing the five awesome people behind the Page Girls website. They’re celebrating their birthday this week with tons of giveaways and other cool stuff. Go check their site out!

The Interview

Celine: Hi guys, and welcome to Nyx Book Reviews! Could you introduce yourselves?

Cecily: Thanks for having us! I’m Cecily. I’m a writer, cocktail drinker, and popcorn devourer.

India: I’m India. I’m a writer and I like drinking Cecily’s cocktails and paying her in popcorn.

April: Hi, I’m April. Love for writing aside, I’m big ol’ sports fanatic. Knicks and Yankees! Which is nothing to celebrate right now but ya know.

Emily: Hello there, I’m Emily Poule. Writing is my passion. Coffee is my drug. If by some freak occurrence, modern civilization was usurped by a race of killer dolphins, apes, or zombies, I would gladly spend my time in an underground shelter on the condition that I could have the following to keep me stimulated: a collection of great books, unlimited access to all Criterion Collection films, the rest of The Page Girls, and Michael Fassbender.

April: Mmm Michael Fassbender.

Jasmine: I’m Jasmine. I grew up knowing that the zombie/plague/destroy-all-life apocalypses would occur at some point, and have loved writing such scenarios ever since. I rely on these ladies to keep me in tasty spirits and sports analysis. I try to give them good book recommendations in exchange.

Could you tell us a bit more about The Page Girls?

Jasmine: The Page Girls represents a fun environment to connect with others through the written word. It’s nice to have a place where we can gather to creatively express our passions for storytelling.

Cecily: We’ve basically done that by creating an online mag where we publish a themed issue each week, containing anything from short stories to funny essays that reflect on the theme. This week’s issue, for example, is Love/Hate.

India: We all met in college, but since we’re now scattered around the country, it’s nice to have kind of a designated meeting place which is what The Page Girls has become for us. We’ve all had or continue to have all sorts of careers, but the big thing we have in common now is writing. So the site has become our stomping ground – kind of like a place where we can meet and work and talk together, even if we’re in different cities.

Emily: Definitely. For me, The Page Girls has become a place where we can collectively pursue our fascinations, our guilty pleasures, and our “life themes.” Plus, we mix great cocktails.

April: It’s definitely a fun outlet for personal anecdotes. It makes me see where I get my writing material from. I think we all have a lot more stories than we realize.

pagegirlsYou are celebrating your first blogoversary this week, congrats! Where would you like to see The Page Girls in a year?

Emily: I would love to see The Page Girls become a platform for female writers and readers to connect to each other. Writing my first novel could never, never have been done without the support of all of these girls and if we could create a strong platform of sisterhood that could be speak to women…to help each other grow through words and commonality…that could be the beginnings of a really strong community.

Jasmine: I agree. I would love to be inundated with emails from other authors and readers who all want to share their passions with us. I think it’s really important that the greater community keeps growing and inspiring new connections amongst each other. The Page Girls have been a really great place to grow as a writer and I hope others will join us in exploring all the stories that are begging to be talked about and passed around.

April: That has my vote too. It would be really fun to see these pieces sparking interesting conversations and stories of shared experiences. There are a lot of things about the other Page Girls that I didn’t even know about until reading some of their articles and essays. Maybe we naturally reveal more in writing. Whatever it is, I hope others start to join in on the fun!

Staying in the celebratory mood, what is your favourite party food and beverage?

April: My favorite party food is air. My going-out dresses are unforgiving to food babies so my method of operation is usually to decline food, drink everything that’s presented to me and when I go home, buy myself a roast beef sandwich from the 24-hour deli and eat it with my shoes on in bed.

Jasmine: Now that I’m in California, my tastes have grown to include tacos and Palomas.

April: You are so much fancier than me.

Cecily: My favorite party snacks are popcorn, popcorn, and popcorn. I have an addiction.

India: Coffee and cookies or champagne and caviar. Depends on the level of celebration!

Emily: Pad thai. Nothing inspires my heart to soar quite like deep fried rice noodles. Emily Poule Truth.

Cecily: Emily, your favorite party food is pad thai? What kind of parties do you go to?

Emily: Excellent ones.

pgsdWhat is your fondest Page Girls related memory?

India: Despite the site not having been around for very long, I’m happy to say that I have already had many fond memories! When I think of The Page Girls, I also think about the four individuals that I’ve been so lucky to have had all these years and all the memories we’ve made as just a group of friends. And I’m really looking forward to the site preserving all the memories to come.

Cecily: Hands down, my favorite part about The Page Girls are the “meetings” the five of us do on Google video chat. (Since we’re scattered across the country, it’s the only way we can all actually get together and talk face-to-face.) My ribs are usually sore after each meeting because I always laugh too hard.

Emily: April is always stuffing her face when we are on our Skype meetings. I love the moment when we all gradually become distracted by what exactly she’s consuming and HAVE to know what it is.

Cecily: Oh god. And now I’m laughing again.

April: Shoutout to Google Hangouts for turning the camera to me every time I chew. I honestly never realized you guys were watching me eat so much. If you must know what I’m devouring, it’s generally my morning eggs and coffee. By the way I put ranch dressing on my eggs. You all should too.

Jasmine: I’ve often thought about recording our Google Hangouts. That, and posting the many text messages and emails I’ve sent to India while I’m reading her books for the first time. I felt the need to express my OMG moments and book predictions to her. Thanks for indulging me India! Having such easy access to the author of some of your favorite books can be so much fun.

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