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I’m Graduating!

So this happened. After many months of writing and editing and writing and not having a life I finished and handed in my thesis. AND IT WAS GOOD ENOUGH. I can’t even tell you what a relief it was to finally receive the good news.

After that, I had to beat the ticking clock – get all the right papers into the right hands before September 1st. And I did it. I finally got a signed notice of graduation handed in at my new university. Starting tomorrow (eep) I will be a Culture History master’s student.

It’s all happening so fast and I barely even got the time to have some true rest. I’m completely exhausted to be honest, but those teachers at my new uni aren’t messing around. I already got my first hundred of pages to read and assignment to hand in on Thursday.

But right now, I am just proud to have gotten my BA.

PS. If my posting is spotty the upcoming month, it is because I am buried underneath a pile of history books.

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