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Harry Potter December: Part 1

I totally agree with you Hermoine.

That’s why I decided to reread all the Harry Potter books this December! It just feels like a great way to count down to the Christmas & New Year holidays. I read the books when I was just a little girl and I am looking forward to see if they’re still as great as they were ten years ago!

I will update my progress throughout the books at least twice a week. I’ll also occasionally update through my Twitter account with the hashtag #readingharrypotter. Come join me if you like!

Now, for my first update. Here are the stats:

  • Pages read (this book): 150
  • Pages read (total): 150
  • Currently at: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (#1)
  • My thoughts: Oh my god. I cant believe I haven’t read these for so long. It’s great to see Hagrid again, and of course Harry and Ron and Hermoine. I read the first book at LEAST ten times, but it’s still so full of awesome. Thinking whether or not I want to watch the movies again too. Hm. We’ll see.