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Happy New Year! & 2012 Wrap Up

I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve, and best wishes for 2013!

As I did for 2010 and 2011, I’m looking back on my blogging year and looking forward to my plans for this year. I can’t believe this is the third time I’m doing this already!

2012 was an absolutely wonderful year for me blogging-wise. Last year I had just 218 RSS followers, this year I hit 820! That’s almost four times as much as I had last year. Nyx Book Reviews grew so much, and I’m glad I finally took the leap to hire my own domain. It seems like my 2011 plan of world domination is a step closer.

For 2013 I have no other plans than just keep on blogging and keep on enjoying the wonderful world of books. I’ve cooked up a few fun features for you guys including interviews with fellow book bloggers and LGBT Friday, in which I review an LGBT book every week. Hopefully I’ll get better in keeping schedules this year!

2013 in Numbers

Books Read: 86
Pages Read: 28986
Average Pages a Book: 337
Most Books Read by One Author: 7 by Charlaine Harris
Books Reviewed: 74 (86% of books read)

Blog Posts: 290
Followers: 820
Total Page Views: 114542
Unique Visitors: ~ 9789
Most Views in a Month: 31022 in August

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