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Christmas Wishlist

In my family, giving Christmas presents is essential to the Christmas celebrations. Gifts are deposited underneath the Christmas tree in the days leading up to Christmas, and on Christmas day we open them once everyone is up. To make gifting things easier, we all make wishlists so when the imagination runs short, you can easily give the other person something they really want. I always add tons of stuff to my wishlist, so it’ll still be a surprise what I get. Usually my wishlist is super book-heavy, but this year I managed to keep the bookish presents to a minimum because I really don’t need tons of new books.

This year, a lot of cool stuff made it on the list. I’m looking for a new Filofax organiser because mine has become pretty battered. Board games are always fun, and Smallworld is the perfect mix of strategy, luck, and competition. I’m a HUGE Lush fan, and their Celestial moisturiser is pretty heavenly. I’m also an un-apologetic fan of sticky notes, so I asked for ALL the sticky notes. Last but not least, some graphic novels that caught my fancy.
christmas wishlistEvery year, I get some gifts from my wishlist, and some that aren’t on it. I’m super excited to see what I’ll get this year, and to see what my family thinks of the things I got for them!

What is on your Christmas wishlist? Do you have any gifting traditions for the holiday season?

This is actually my fourth Christmas wishlist post. You can also check out the ones from 2010, 2011, and 2013.

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