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My Harry Potter Collection

Two lovely ladies have teamed up for this year’s Harry Potter Month. This event hosted by Faith and Micheline celebrates anything Harry Potter. People can compete in a house cup by collecting points through participation. Like last year, I’m representing Slytherin! Because this post is so incredibly image heavy, it’s hiding behind the read more […]

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Fantasy Books You Might Not Have Read Yet

Lately I’ve been feeling like reading more fantasy – not the paranormal crossovers that dominate large portions of the market, but the good old epic variety of fantasy. I started to browse Goodreads, but I discovered that it’s actually not that easy to come by decent fantasy recommendations. The names that pop up over and […]

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Reformatting Old Reviews

When you just start out with blogging, doing upkeep is simple. I notice this with my (relatively) new blog Irresponsible Cactus – it’s easy to just keep everything in the same kind of format. All posts match, the archives are nearly non-existent, and I only need to tweak a few details now and then to […]

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