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Bout of Books Readathon 6.0: Bookish Dress Up Challenge

Good morning readathoners! It’s an honour to be a challenge host for the Bout of Books readathon again this year, and I hope you will all enjoy the Bookish Dress Up!

You know when in a book an author painstakingly describes what a character is wearing? Not only is this usually quite annoying, it gets even worse if the character’s fashion sense makes you want to smack your head against your wall. What if you could dictate what the character was wearing? What would you put on them – something ridiculous, or something that would make them look wonderful? Poor Snape for example, fell victim to Neville’s grandma’s outfit.

The character I just HAVE to give a make-over is Emma from Broken by EA Rought. The only thing she ever wears is hoodies, thermal shirts, hoodies, some more shirts, and some hoodies. Seriously, the girl even wears a hoodie to a club. I get the “I want to be dressed practically” thing, but there is nothing wrong with variation or even some colour (all of her hoodies and thermal wear is white or black). In my head she looks a bit like one of the exhausted house-moms on TLC shows like What Not to Wear. Definitely not a good look for a seventeen year old.

I will force Emma to wear a dress, even though she will probably scream for me taking away her beloved hoodies. I chose the purple dress because since she shuns all colour, a print might be a bit too much. It would look great on a pair of tights and some boots. I don’t even want to know what Emma thinks of heels. Instead of a hoodie she will have to make do with a nice simple black blazer. She will have to put her hair up and maybe *gasp* even put on some make up. She will be dressed for cold weather but still look better fit for clubbing than wearing endless hoodies.

So, what do you think of my choices? Have anything to add?

I would love to know which character you would dress differently, and how!


The clothes displayed here on the left are both from Modcloth. The dress on the left is the A New Twist Dress and next to it is the Fine and Sandy Blazer in Noir.

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