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Book Tour: Trinity by CJ Bolyne


Hi everyone! It’s day 9 of my virtual book blog tour! Thank you for stopping by! Many thanks to Celine for hosting me here today!

For those who are just joining the tour, my name is CJ Bolyne, and I am a first time author.

Since I was a young girl, I knew that I wanted to write. However, I was afraid of what others might think of my writing. However, about four years ago, I stopped letting that fear hold me back.

When I write, I write as though I am telling a story aloud, just as I hear it in my head. Here is an excerpt from Trinity.

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The Excerpt

5:30PM was coming up and still no sign of the stranger. Most clients showed up a few minutes early. Payton was getting anxious. If he didn’t show up soon, she’d lock up. Soon, she’d lock up for the weekend. She sent the girls home early. They had no more appointments booked. Olivia was disappointed. She wanted to see ‘the guy’ again. Payton just gave Olivia a big smile and said “have a good weekend!” as she shut the door behind Olivia.

5:45PM. Still no sign of him. ‘Fine,’ she thought. She locked the front door, drew the blinds and turned off the lights with the exception of the front window lights. She turned on her heels and stopped short. Staring at her not three feet away was the stranger. Payton’s mouth fell open.

“Hello” he said quietly. That slight grin was back on his lips.

“Uh, hey. How’d you get in here? I locked the back door already.”

“I have my ways” he answered.

“Yeah, well, that’s not an answer to my question. I have a few questions in fact. Like, number one, who are you? And number two, how did you know my name. That’s just for starters!” Payton’s voice squeaked a little. She was scared now.

The stranger took a step toward Payton. She took a step back. “Stop right there buddy! I do know how to defend myself!” Payton warned. The stranger could see that she was shaking. ‘She’s terrified of you,’ he thought. ‘We can’t have that. I must calm her; ease her mind.’

“Please, do not be afraid,” he tried to use a soothing tone. “I am not here to harm you. I am here to protect you.”

“Protect me? From who or what?” Payton demanded.

“It’s a long story Payton. I am your guardian. I am Terran.” he said.

“Alright, so now I know your name at least. So Terran, who are you and why would I need protection?” she asked.

“Can we go somewhere private to talk?” he asked.

“We are alone here! Right here! So talk!” she started to yell.

“No, we’re not” he said and grabbed her around the waist tight. Just before they seemed to disappear from her shop, she saw a shadow figure coming towards her … then darkness.

They landed, or he landed and had to steady her when her knees buckled. She shook her head. It felt fuzzy. When things cleared, she looked around. It was dark, cold and clammy – a cave.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Safe, for now.” he replied.

Terran walked slowly around the cave chanting quietly. Then he stood in the middle of the cave floor, raised his arms, and his hands glowed. ‘He GLOWS!’ Payton stared at him in total awe. Terran clapped his hands together hard. The sound was as loud as thunder, or an explosion. She didn’t know what it was. She clamped her hands over her ears. It hurt! Then quiet.

When she looked up, Terran was facing her. She looked into those deep eyes – he was so close. She could feel him. She hadn’t realized his arms were wrapped around her waist again.

“How I’ve missed you Payton! So much.” He whispered. He kissed her, hard at first. Then soft, oh so soft. Payton felt herself starting to melt in his arms. Suddenly she pushed Terran away as hard as she could.

“What are you doing? I don’t even know you!” she said.

“Ah, but you do, my love, you do. I need to help you remember” he replied.

“Remember? Remember what?” she asked.

“Who you are, who you were, your past.”

I  am currently working on the second book to the Trinity series.


CJ Bolyne is a first time author and Trinity is her first book. Born and raised in Southeastern Manitoba, Canada, CJ was an avid reader dreaming of the day she would write her own fantasy / sci-fi book. When she’s not writing, CJ spends her time on her farm with her husband and multiple pets. She runs a full-time pet grooming business. Her first book, Trinity, is the first in the series.

Connect with CJ on her website or Facebook.


Payton thought she had a normal, everyday life. When a mysterious man suddenly appears, he shatters her world telling her that her entire life has been a lie. She is a god with the Guardians having lived for 1000’s of years. The Anords know where she is and he needs to protect her at all costs. Payton holds the key to saving humanity. However, a mysteriously familiar woman complicates everything.

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