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Book Favourites: Killer Unicorn series by Diana Peterfreund

In a perfect world, reviewers would be able to review every single book they read. But as most of you know, you can’t. Sometimes it’s because you simply don’t have the time. Sometimes it’s because you just can’t find the inspiration. And sometimes the book you’re reading is so awesome that you can’t describe it without turning into a blubbering fangirl. Every week I will be highlighting one of such books in Book Favourites.

This is one of my favourite series ever. EVER. I still can’t believe these books aren’t more popular. They so deserve it! The books I’m talking about are the Killer Unicorn books. I’ve mentioned them before in my vlog, and I actually wrote a review of the first book, Rampant. I’m actually thinking of doing a readalong event kind of thing for Rampant, so if there’s any interest in that, let me know!

Why these books are awesome:

  • It has unicorns. And not the fluffy, cute kind of unicorns. No, unicorns with venomous horns that would like to rip you appart
  • The fact that, if the killer unicorns finally grows tiresome (which it never does) it’s actually a really good story
  • The main character Astrid is a realistic girl. She’s kick-ass, but not in a “let’s push everyone around me away” kind of way. She has boy trouble, just like any other girl, but in the meanwhile she makes sure the unicorns don’t rip her friends apart
  • The majority of the series is set in Rome. Rome is an amazing backdrop for a book
  • They’re gritty. The girls get hurt in fights, and don’t miraculously heal
  • I can only think of one downside of the books: there are only two of them!

I recommend these books if you like:

  • Paranormal or fantasy reads
  • Unique creatures
  • Kick-ass heroines
  • Amazing action scenes
  • Good worldbuilding & background
  • Messed up families

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