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April Wrap Up

I decided to start doing this monthly wrap up thing more regularly. April has yet again been my best blogging month so far (my blog just keeps on growing, and I’m so glad for all of you awesome readers). This month was pretty low on events as I had to take a break after co-hosting the Review Copy Cleanup in March. 

  • April Page Count Contest. I never did make it in the top 20, but the contest did encourage me to read more, and not to be afraid to pick up a book that’s high in page count. In the end I read exactly 3400 pages which is 300 more than I was going for. I’m quite proud that I achieved such a high number!
  • Secret April Event: Illumine’s Wish. It was very nice to be able to participate in this event (:
  • Dewey’s 24H Readathon. Okay, I didn’t read that much during the readathon. But I participated in a few of the mini-challenges and slept through about half of the thing. Sleep is important too I guess.
  • London Book Fair. Ha, it’s not often a real life event makes it on my list! Definitely my favourite of this month.
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