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2012 Reading Challenges: The Final Tally

So I signed up for the 2013 Debut Author Challenge, and I started wondering. How did I actually do on my 2012 challenges? Wait.. which ones did I sign up again for? So I did some research and discovered that I joined two challenges this year, the TBR Pile Reading Challenge and the All Series, All Summer Challenge. Here is how I did on both of them:

This one was a year-long challenge that also promoted having ten hosts and a dozen of mini-challenges. To be very honest, I might have participated in only one. What happened to the other hosts and other challenges? Did I completely miss them, or didn’t they happen for some reason? My goal was to read A Friendly Hug (11-20 books) from my pre-2012 TBR pile. Here are all the books I’ve read that counts for this challenge:

Which makes the total of pre-2012 TBR pile books read seven books! Considering I completely forgot about this challenge existing, I don’t think I did bad at all. Maybe I’ll even manage to squeeze a few more in before the year ends!

The All Series, All Summer challenge was a very low pressure one to try get through all the series you’re reading. I loved this challenge, but I didn’t keep it to just the summer, for me it was more like a year-long goal.

I did get through a big bunch of Sookie Stackhouse books this year (as you can see at my other challenge enumeration, but I mainly just started reading more series. One that I did wrap up was the Newsflesh Trilogy (which was awesome! read my reviews), the Shiver series (reviews) and I’m slowly but steadily making my way through the Anita Blake series. This challenge can use a bit more love. I hope to finish up more of my series next year.

So, how did you guys fare on your challenges?

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