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Blog Ahead Challenge

Anna from Burning Soup & Herding Cats is hosting a Blog Ahead event, in which bloggers challenge themselves to schedule 15 posts during the first two weeks of May. If you’re interested, you can find more about the event on the sign up post.

I’m slowly getting back into blogging, so rather than trying for a rather gargantuan 15 posts, I’m aiming for at least five. And I’ll probably count posts that go up during the event as well, because at the moment I have absolutely nothing scheduled. I’ll keep track of my progress below! Let me know if you’re participating too, so we can cheer each other on 🙂


Post scheduled so far: 0

Posts to be scheduled:

  • Romance Mini-Reviews
  • Review of The Dragonbone Chair
  • Review of Paper Valentine (review to be written)
  • Discussion post #1
  • Discussion post #2