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When I’m Not Reading… I’m At Gamescom!

For a change, I have a non-book related post! I haven’t been reading at all the last few days. That’s a first for me in a very long while, since I tend to not read that much sometimes, but I always read in the evenings before bed. Well, no such thing for me this weekend. First I have been busy trying to put together my awesome bed, desk, and couch. Yes, a couch that needs to be put together. I’m looking at you Ikea. But after that I had something a bit more fun to do! I visited Gamescom with my boyfriend and some friends.

If you’ve never heard of it, Gamescom is a yearly gaming convention held in Cologne, Germany. It’s a big deal in the gaming world, especially for Europe. It’s the biggest gaming convention we have. Developers announce new games, contest are held, and there is a lot of general gaming and nerdiness going on. About 225000 people go there. It’s massive.

And actually not that expensive. So we piled into a train and went there, even though it feels like stepping into an oven when you get outside. The Koelnmesse, where Gamescom is held is truly gigantic! Here is a picture of it I found on the interwebs.

No wonder it took us half an hour to just get from the entrance to the exhibition halls. It was packed, but not insanely so. You had enough space to move around, but that’s about it. I was very much impressed with their ability to keep the halls cool; even though there were tens of thousands of people inside, it was actually cooler in the exhibition halls than outside. It still felt like you were being cooked alive, but with enough water it was endurable.

We spent way too much time at the League of Legends stand. We watched the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, and we lucky ducks got to make pictures with Riot Phreak (below), Riot Nikasaur, Froggen from CLG EU and Ocelote from SK. It was like meeting movie stars, and so much fun.

We also watched people playing Panda’s (World of Warcraft), cheered for a random game called Firefall, played a super cute platformer game whose name I forgot, and shot stuff. I doubled the high score of all of my male companions. Who says girls can’t aim?

All in all it was a great experience, though very tiring. I would recommend Gamescom for every gamer that likes live events, doesn’t mind a bit of fuss and noise, or is very much into cosplay. And being Dutch, German or Belgian is a big pre too, since it’s not that far away for you.

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