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When Everything You’re Reading is Meh

booksWhat to do when every book you pick up isn’t working for you? 

Let me describe to you my current situation. I’m someone who is always in the middle of a few books – I usually have a long book on my night stand that I can easily put away after reading one chapter (right now, a Song of Ice and Fire book), and at least one or two others I read on the train or on the couch. I enjoy reading different genres at the same time, and it actually helps me reading more book, because I can easily switch to something else when I’m in a certain mood.

But I’ve come to the point where I’m reading eight books at the same time and I’m not enjoying them. I do like my night stand book, but I don’t tend to read that one during the day. I picked up Monstruous, an ARC, and found it a bit boring. House of Leaves is depressing and makes me think of uni too much. I started Midnight Crossroad but it didn’t grab my attention. Anna Karenina is okay, but I’m at a farming chapter and yuck. I was terribly excited for Cress, and I’m buddy reading it with the wonderful Isalys, but I’m not enjoying it that much. Honestly, I feel just very ughh about all of them.

It’s come to the point where I don’t feel like reading at all, simply because I simply don’t like the books. I don’t easily DNF, especially not when I don’t truly hate the book, and I just can’t see myself DNF eight books at one time. Like, that’s a serious commitment.

So, basically I’m stuck. I know I’m going to have to bite the bullet and just finish a few of them so I can start new reads, which, hopefully, will be better. I only have about 150 pages left in Cress, which I should easily be able to finish in under two hours, but I just don’t feel like it. It’s probably a result from being under a lot of pressure at university, where I truly need my books to take me away from the world, and not have them feel like homework as well.

In the end, I decided there is only one solution. I picked up Harry Potter, and I’ll bury my head in the sand and not look at my current reads until I feel like them again. When in doubt, read Harry.

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