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Top Five: Slump Reads

If you’re wondering where this feature came from, check out this post.

Welcome to the second edition of Top Five books! This one isn’t completely just for your enjoyment, it’s also a reminder to myself. I’ve been in both a reading and a blogging slump lately (but I’m working on the blogging slump right now!). For the lucky few who have never experienced a slump, it’s basically a time you don’t feel like doing anything reading or blogging, and you continuously procrastinate everything. And that feeling sucks. Because you do want to read, and you do want to blog, but it’s just not happening.

When you’re in a reading slump, you usually need some comfort-zone book to get you back. Maybe reread one of your favourites. Or maybe you need to mix it up with a book completely outside your usual genre. This Top Five is my personal mix of go-to books, but feel free to share yours below!

And who knows, maybe I’ll even follow my own advice and get out of this stupid slump.

#5 Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

I started reading the Rachel Morgan series about four or five years ago, and since then these books are my companions when I travel or when I stay over at friends. It’s fast paced, funny and light, everything I could wish for in a comfort read.

Plus, it has the coolest pixy ever.


#4 Fallen Grace by Mary Hooper

Sometimes you just need some feel-good fairy tale. Something you can comfortably settle with on the couch when you feel like it, and something you can put down at any time without feeling you’re missing out on something. Fallen Grace is one of the most relaxed historical children’s book I have ever read. The villains are bad through and through and get what they deserve. I definitely recommend this one.


#3 Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

I was very much disappointed with the last part of this series, Forever, but throughout the trilogy I learned to love all the characters. That combined with the flowing and soft writing that’s Ms Stiefvater’s trademark, the first two books of the series are great comfort reads. These books have very short chapters, which make you want to read on, but at the same time are great if you don’t have that much time to spare. You can just stop reading in a natural point of the story, instead of feeling forced to read yet another twenty pages.


#2 Charlaine Harris

Another urban fantasy/paranormal romance book in this list. There is just something about the innocent Southern waitress Sookie and how she navigates through the vampire world that’s horribly appealing. Especially the earlier books are my all-time favourites. The later ones are more serious of tone, and although that’s fine, they don’t have the cosy quality the earlier books have.


#1 Holes by Louis Sachar

I just love love love this book. It’s brilliant! The way all of the story lines all tie together… it’s awesome. I was so impressed on first read, that I instantly knew this would become one of my favourite books. It’s a short book, and perfect to read in between other books. It also features a boy main character, which is very nice if you need a break from all the female angst.

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