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Top Book Characters That Would Be Sitting At My Lunch Table

toptentuesdayThis feature is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s theme is book characters that would be sitting at my lunch table. Now, I’m pretty sure my lunch table wouldn’t have ten people (honestly I just had troubles coming up with so many), so here are my fewer picks. In no particular order these are:


  • Hermoine from the Harry Potter books – I love smart people. Hermoine isn’t just smart, but also loyal and kind. I’m sure we would have tons of fun discussing all of the courses at our school and how clueless boys can be
  • Rachel from the Rachel Morgan/Hollows series – Now, in all of the Hollows books Rachel is an adult, but I’m sure if she was in her teens we would be great friends. Rachel is a stubborn and often clumsy white witch, and her beauty charms would be a big hit at sleep-overs
  • Iko from the Lunar Chronicles – Yes yes, Iko is a robot. Do robots go to school? She’s terribly awesome though
  • Merry and Pippin from the Lord of the Rings trilogy – What is a lunch table without some hobbits? These two are always up to no good, in a fun way. And they love to eat, which I approve of

Who would sit at your lunch table?

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