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This Week’s To Be Read

Apparently I haven’t done one of these in three weeks. Where did the time go? The last few weeks of summer break have been crazy, and now I’m trying to settle back into a school-rhythm. The fact that I barely made it in time for today’s class shows that I’m having some… adjustment issues! Anyways, I did okay on the reading front:



Very varied reading this month. I started with some nice YA, represented by Partials (great!) and Life After Theft (good!). Yet another Goosebump book, followed by the ninth book in the Women of the Otherworld series, Living with the Dead. I ordered the last few books, I can’t believe this series is coming to an end! I noticed my reading was slipping, so I put in some novella action (perfect for reading slumps) with the Partials prequel, Isolation. Last week I received an awesome amount of packages from Hesperus Press, so the last books are of the more literary kind, The Best Book in the World and The Blue Castle, both of which I ended up giving four stars.

Up Next


Starting with some good old emotional mystery-supernatural kind of blend, provided by Stephen King. Joyland features this old kind of amusement park, which is awesome. After that I’ll read the ever beloved The Fault in our Stars. I’m scared, guys. And finally, some good old plague fiction from Jack London, The Scarlet Plague. This one looks great, and it’s also very short (win!).

Have you read any of these books? And what are you reading this week?

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