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This Week’s To Be Read

Woot woot, this week’s reading went well! Of the four books I planned to read, I managed to read three. On top of that I also erm.. dug into some Goosebumps.



Morrigan’s Cross is a nightmare. I put it down months ago, and decided to give it one last try. That lasted exactly ten pages, before I threw it on my donate pile. Won’t be reading any Nora Roberts ever again. Code Name Verity also wasn’t that great a success, and I found it terribly boring. If you’re interested, you can read my review. On the children’s book side, I thoroughly enjoyed blasting through my shiny new Stine books. The Ersatz Elevator was another typical A Series of Unfortunate Events instalment, although one of my less favourites.

Up NextI already tried to finish Obsidian Butterfly this week, but it ended up to be too chunky to finish in such a short amount of time. Therefore I’ll try that one again this week, and I’m adding:


I’m sticking with the horror theme this week! Hopefully this will be the week I finally finish Obsidian Butterfly (which must be the longest Anita Blake book to date). It’s also been a while since I read a classic, so I’m going to read this novella off my Classics Club listWorld War Z has been on my TBR since reading Feed by Mira Grant. Opinions seem to differ on this zombie classic, but I hope I’ll enjoy it (even though it probably won’t be as awesome as Feed). And of course, what is a horror week without some good old Goosebumps, represented this week by Dr. Maniac VS. Robby Schwartz. The title promises an epic face-off, I can’t wait!

Have you read any of these books? And what are you reading this week?

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