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This Week’s New Books

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Had a bit more relaxing week now, although the deadlines of my endpapers are looming over me. Only five more weeks until two big essays are due, so I’m researching my butt off. Luckily I also had some time for relaxation and visited the boyfriend and some friends. I’m already compiling some Christmas-related posts, I can’t wait till it’s Christmas!

  • The Emperor’s Knife, Knife Sworn & The Tower Broken by Mazarkis Williams – Three cheers for epic fantasy! I can’t wait to read these books, and massive thanks to JoFletcher for providing them[review copy from publisher]
  • Canzoniere by Petrarca – Another school book. I’m drowning in Medieval lit right now, can’t wait to proceed to the 16th – 19th century literature after Christmas break

Have you read any of these? What new books did you get this week?

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