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This Week’s New Books

After some debating, I decided to stop linking up my Sunday Showcase, my Stacking the Shelf and the Sunday Post. I’m often busy or tired on Sundays, and not being able to link up is a pain in the butt. I do like to show my new books though, and Sunday seems to be a fine day for that.

I’m actually trying very hard not to receive or buy any new books at the moment. I counted and found out that I own 187 unread books (not ebooks – actual paperback books), and let’s face it, that’s too much. But even while cutting down on the buying, I did snatch up one very good one over at Humble Bundle.


Boneshaker is the reason I bought the Humble Ebook Bundle, and I’m really excited that I finally got my hands on this one. It’s steampunk, it has zombies and it just sounds so very wonderful.

The bundle also had the following books:


Little Brother – Spin – Shards of Honor

But I haven’t heard of any of these. Does anyone know them? Are they any good? I might give Little Brother a try, it seems to have pretty good reviews.

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