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This Week’s New Books

If you’re wondering why I’m not having an IMM – read this post.

There are so many new “Look at my new books!” memes that I’m having troubles choosing. I know a few of the hosts personally and I don’t feel like picking teams on this one. So, I introduce my own conglomeration of all the memes out there! If you’re hosting a similar meme or if one of your friends hosts one, let me know and I’ll add their graphic (:

After a slightly… overwhelming start of the semester I’m finally finding some time to blog a bit more. I managed to schedule some great posts for you guys the upcoming weeks (including a vlog in which I show all my shelves!), so make sure to stop by. (Ironically, my exams are coming ever closer. Evasive behaviour anyone?). I’m not listing all the books I received since my last This Week’s Books, but instead decided to only show the books I actually received this week. I hope you guys are all doing great!

Click on the covers to go to their Goodreads page.

Bought & Gifted:

With the World War Z movie coming up I decided that it was time for me to read this zombie classic. Somewhere between reading Feed and Blackout I turned into a massive zombie fiction fan, and I can’t wait to read this Oral History of the Zombie War!

EEEEEEK! I love these books SO much. I had forgotten how much I loved Cinder until I started reading Scarlet. I finished it within two days (definite indication of awesomeness in my current state) and I adored it. I can’t believe I now have to wait yet another year until Cress comes out. Review coming soon.

Due to a wishlist-malfunction I accidentally got part nine, ten and twelve of the Anita Blake series for Christmas. Now I got part eleven to complete the part of series I own from my mom!

For Review:

Thank you to Bella for providing the review copy! A Shade of Vampire looks really good. It’s not that big (I think it’s about 200 pages), but that will be perfect for me since I have so much uni reading to do. The cover is quite pretty too.

So what do you have in your mailbox, on your shelf or to showcase? Leave a comment!

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