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The Sunday Post #4

Sunday PostThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba from The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

In general uneventful, this week was mainly spent trying to catch up with school. I knew the lull was deceptive! Always when there is a week that seems slow, the next week you’re scrambling to catch up.

I’m already getting pretty excited all the awesome autumn/winter stuff. I love Halloween, and warm lattes, and seasonal decorations, and staying inside with a blanket and read, and Christmas coming up…

I also saw The Maze Runner yesterday, which was pretty good! I like how it was unpredictable. The music was rather ill-chosen at times, and some plot point raised a few questions, but it was quite fast-paced and had some pretty disgustingly awesome scenes.

This week on Nyx Book Reviews

The return of the discussion post! I feel like I haven’t done one of these in weeks, if not months. So this week I thought I’d chat with you guys about misbehaving authors, and whether I read them or not. I’ve already written up a few more posts like this, and I’m loving having a bit more diversity from the regular review (:

This week on Irresponsible Cactus:

I think having a post or two every week on Irresponsible Cactus seems to be the sweet spot – since most of my time is still spent on my book blog, two posts makes sure I won’t pressure myself too much. This week I talked about a pretty eerie and gruesome TV show, and gave an example of the kind of assignments I write as a culture studies student.

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I think the crazy reading from last month has slowed down a bit, even though I’m still reading more than my weekly average. Most of my week was spent reading The Midnight Queen, which is a lot slower paced than the average young-adult book. Quality wise this week was great, with only four star reads!

How was your week?

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