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The Sunday Post #26

Sunday PostThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba from The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Books? What books? This weekend has been all about the gaming! I joined the (bi)annual LAN party of my boyfriend, dedicating two days to everything computer games. In case you don’t know about LANs – it’s basically around twenty people, hauling their PCs into a room, and spending all day every day playing together. They also organise casual tournaments, which is always a lot of fun. Because I really enjoy my sleep, I went home around midnight instead of staying over. My body doesn’t like all-nighters at all.

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How do you value your blog? For me, being successful has little to do with external sources, and is all about what I think of my blog. Apart from that discussion, I also talk books, namely A Tale of Two Cities and Demonglass

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For science! This week’s Irresponsible Cactus post is about paradigm shifts and hard core non fiction literature.

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I’m reading an absolutely giant book for class (The Karamazov Brothers) and it’s been killing my reading game! Also, I simply seem to be reading less lately. I blame school. As a small present for myself, I picked up the second volume of Chew at an English book store close to where I live, and it was great. I was expecting Dead Ever After to be way worse than it actually was, so that was a good surprise.

How was your week?

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