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The Happy Blog: 13 Guidelines to a Positive Community

Some of you might have noticed that over time, the blogging community has become a sad, vicious place. It’s filled with jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, and honestly, just every negative emotion you can think of. Instead of supporting each other, we go behind each other’s backs to get those coveted ARCs.

I generally don’t get mixed up in all of this. When drama hits the fan on Twitter, I don’t go on Twitter. I unfollowed all of the known instigators of drama. I’ve done everything I can to protect myself from the negativity, but it’s still there and I can still see it.

So I’ve decided that it’s time for some perspective.

1. Everyone is awesome (until it is proven they’re not – there will always be a bad apple)

2. Someone who is not awesome, can still go back to being awesome. Holding grudges serves no one

3. All book bloggers are book lovers

4. Book lovers, like all kinds of lovers, are awesome

5. Just like there is no one way to love a person, there is no one way to love a book

6. Other hobbies are valid. Reading isn’t superior over other pass times

7. Reading is what makes readers awesome. Not what they read, how they read, where they read, or who they read

8. All book genres and age groups are equally fabulous, just like the people who read them and the people who write them

9. Anyone who blogs, is a blogger. And every blogger deserves praise because come on, blogging is hard

10. Each blog is unique like every person is unique

11. A long, eloquent comment is amazing. But so is a short, heartfelt “I love this post!”

12. Actually, just reading a blog post is pretty great

13. Blogs aren’t people, and people aren’t blogs. There is more to a person than one way they choose to express themselves in

The blogging community is what we ourselves make of it. So send a (virtual) hug to a blogger today, and let us remember that we all like books, and that we all prefer to be happy and talk about books rather than chasing the drama llama.

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