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The Happy Blog: 13 Guidelines to a Positive Community

Some of you might have noticed that over time, the blogging community has become a sad, vicious place. It’s filled with jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, and honestly, just every negative emotion you can think of. Instead of supporting each other, we go behind each other’s backs to get those coveted ARCs.

I generally don’t get mixed up in all of this. When drama hits the fan on Twitter, I don’t go on Twitter. I unfollowed all of the known instigators of drama. I’ve done everything I can to protect myself from the negativity, but it’s still there and I can still see it.

So I’ve decided that it’s time for some perspective.

1. Everyone is awesome (until it is proven they’re not – there will always be a bad apple)

2. Someone who is not awesome, can still go back to being awesome. Holding grudges serves no one

3. All book bloggers are book lovers

4. Book lovers, like all kinds of lovers, are awesome

5. Just like there is no one way to love a person, there is no one way to love a book

6. Other hobbies are valid. Reading isn’t superior over other pass times

7. Reading is what makes readers awesome. Not what they read, how they read, where they read, or who they read

8. All book genres and age groups are equally fabulous, just like the people who read them and the people who write them

9. Anyone who blogs, is a blogger. And every blogger deserves praise because come on, blogging is hard

10. Each blog is unique like every person is unique

11. A long, eloquent comment is amazing. But so is a short, heartfelt “I love this post!”

12. Actually, just reading a blog post is pretty great

13. Blogs aren’t people, and people aren’t blogs. There is more to a person than one way they choose to express themselves in

The blogging community is what we ourselves make of it. So send a (virtual) hug to a blogger today, and let us remember that we all like books, and that we all prefer to be happy and talk about books rather than chasing the drama llama.

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  • http://www.lunar-rainbows.com/ Micheline

    Perfect post is perfect^^ I love you for writing this. The drama has really become hard to ignore lately, in that it seems that every freaking day someone else is getting dramatic about something new. BUT, all the same, book lovers are awesome people as a general rule – and you’re right, even if they stop being awesome they can always start being so again. And YES blogging is hard, we all deserve hugs and cupcakes as a community just for doing it *passes around hugs and cupcakes* β™₯

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Yes! I wish we focussed more on the things that make the internet a FUN place instead of constantly nitpicking out the negative. So yay, hugs and cupcakes!! <3

  • http://thedailyprophecy.blogspot.com/ Mel @thedailyprophecy

    You are so right. I always try to stay away from drama and if Twitter explodes, I just pull back from it and return once it’s done. It makes me sad when I see people attacking each other, when we should remember and admire what we have here: a wonderful community based on our mutual love for words/books/stories/reading.

    We bloggers are all pretty awesome ^^

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Exactly. And I find it rather sad that when drama explodes, many of the positive people just disappear. It’s a vicious circle, really.

      But yeah, we are quite awesome πŸ˜€

  • Mawa Mahima

    Ah the drama llama (shakes head and sends out virtual hug). Man. Drama sucks big time. Thanks for the list of positiveness…Blogging is awesome – people just need to respect each other more I guess. Haha, Twitter shall explode, right? XD (Gosh thinking of Twitter actually exploding – like going all kaboom – has me laughing so hard!).

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Hahaha, I’m not sure how an actual exploding Twitter would work but it does sound funny xD Respecting each other is a good one – it’s easy to forget that those people on the other end are also people, with feelings and hopes and dreams and stuff. We all just need a big group hug!

  • Anya E. J.

    I’m all for a happy community :D. I am wondering what going behind each others backs to get ARCs actually means though, did I miss some drama? >.>

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      I’ve heard some stories… Both with virtual ARCs and the moshfest that BEA is when they drop books.

      • http://www.notyetread.com/ Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

        That comment through me off as well – I don’t see how bloggers could go behind each others backs to get arcs unless say they were members of the same blog. Still either way doesn’t sound pleasant. Thankfully I don’t see much drama since I purposefully try to stay away from that sort of thing. Spread the love I say not the hate! I still think overall the blogging community is a positive place. With the good there as you said will always be the bad.

  • Tracy ThatFirstLine

    Very very well said. Xx

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Thank you Tracy! xx

  • http://www.betweenmylines.com/ Trish Hannon

    I’m all for making this a positive community again. We all need each other, so let’s all just play nicely πŸ™‚

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Exactly (: Thanks for stopping by Trish!

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  • http://bookshelfreflections.com/ Inge

    I love this blog post πŸ™‚ I personally don’t feel the increasing negativity in the community like some people do, because I tend to stay far away from any sort of conflict or drama. I’m still rather new (been blogging since June), but I loved getting to know this community and finding my place in it. I’ve met some awesome people here!

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      The longer you blog, the more you start to notice the grievances between bloggers. Some won’t talk to some others, there is backstabbing, mean DMs… But, I hope you can remain away from the drama for as long as you can, because that does make it all more fun πŸ˜€

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  • Ellie

    Yes to 12! (well actually all of this). People get so caught up in comments but I love people who just read what I write, even if they don’t reveal themselves.

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Yes! I’m thankful for everyone that spends time on my blog

  • http://caffeinatedbookreviewer.com/ kimbacaffeinate

    *hugs* Awesome list and all true. I love the community and hate to see any negativity.

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Me too. The community is what we make it to be, and I hope we’ll make it a safe happy place

  • http://topazwinters.com/ Topaz Winters

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this list! Also, the number of times you used the word “awesome” deserves some applause, I think. πŸ˜‰ Great job. x

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Haha, thanks! I do really like the word awesome.

  • http://www.nijifeels.com/ Cayce

    Ahhhh, I LOVE this post! <3 *gives you a big virtual hug*

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Ahh, thank you! *hugs back virtually*