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The Five Stages of Not Knowing What to Blog About Today

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to think of something to post, and there is just nothing popping into your head and you just really really want to post about something? In this post I will outline the five stages of the “I don’t know what to blog about today” phenomenon.

five stages

Stage one: Deep introspection and brainstorming

Somewhere in your mind there has to be something, some little nugget of blogging awesomeness you can talk about, right? Right?

Stage two: Searching other blogs incessantly

Well, if your brain isn’t going to come up with something, let’s look for inspiration elsewhere. Someone is bound to have a nice discussion question you can answer. Where are all those inspirational posts hiding when you need them?

Stage three: Desperation

At this stage, it seems as if this is your first day in the blogosphere, and you don’t know the Publish button from RSS. Whyyyy is this so hard?!

Stage four: Looking for suggestions

Parents, spouses, friends, no one is safe. “What should I blog about today?” you ask them over and over again. Even Twitter followers aren’t being helpful.


Stage five: Blogception

You have nothing to say except for the fact that you have nothing to say. Wait – let’s blog about that! What to call it… how about “The Five Stages of Not Knowing What to Blog About Today”. Perfect!

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