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The Fantasy Project – 2015 Goals

In 2013 I signed up for The Fantasy Project, a long term reading challenge where you try to read 101 fantasy books spread over 10 years hosted by Michelle of The True Book Addict. Now, 101 books are a lot, and I’ve found that the list is simply too long for me to truly be able to read from it in a constructive manner.

Instead, I’ve decided to take a few books from the master list every year, and try to read those. For 2015 I’m going to be aiming for 10 books. Since I’m already participating in many other reading challenges, I don’t want to stretch too far!

2015 Fantasy Project books
  • A Feast for Crows by G.R.R. Martin – I’m slowly making my way through the Song of Ice and Fire series. A Feast for Crows is my night stand book at the moment, which means that I often read one chapter before bed. Since this book is ginormous, it can take me a while to get through
  • The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams – I read the Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series when I was around twelve, and I can barely remember anything from it except that I really liked it. I’d love to revisit Tad Williams’ book this year
  • Magic Strikes & Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews – The first book in the Kate Daniels series didn’t completely convince me, but the second did. Can’t wait to continue the series!
  • Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward – Ahhh, I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels. This one isn’t going to be a chore at all
  • Reign of Iron by Angus Watson – This is one of the newer fantasy series I’ve been reading lately, and I’d love to finish the trilogy. This book is supposed to be released in September, which should give me enough time to read it this year
  • The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien – Ahh, the most classic of fantasy classics! I read the first two Lord of the Rings books in my youth in Dutch, but I’ve never read them in English. I have the beautiful illustrated edition, which is fantastic to look at but not very easy to take with you anywhere. It’s time to stop looking, and start reading!
  • Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson – Me and Mistborn didn’t work out, but I haven’t given up hope yet that the second book in the series might be more enjoyable for me. And I have the boxed set, so I do want to give Sanderson another shot
  • Royal Assassin & Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb – I read Assassin’s Apprentice years ago, and remember loving it. I might have to reread the first book before I start the rest of the trilogy, because I remember very little apart from the fact that Fitz is incredibly unlucky in life

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  • http://www.strupag.com/ rhoda_strupag

    What a great list you have here! You’re in for some awesome reading. I also really want to read The Dragonbone Chair sometime soon.x

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Yeah, I can’t wait 😀 I’ve just started The Dragonbone Chair – it’s a reread for me, though I remember nothing of it at all. Thanks Rhoda xx

  • https://mercurialvicissitudes.wordpress.com/ Sarah-Jane

    I actually thought The Well of Ascension was much better than The Final Empire. It is slower but I really enjoyed the character development in particular.

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      That’s great to hear! Most people seem to have enjoyed The Final Empire more – which didn’t bode well for me at all

  • http://herbookthoughts.reads-it.com/ Paula M. @ Her Book Thoughts!

    Oooh. This just reminds me that I’m not part of any reading challenges this year (only that one from GR) I hope you reach your goal Celine! 🙂

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      Thanks Paula! I really like reading challenges, it makes it easier for me to choose books to read 🙂

  • http://lolasreviews.com Lola

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen a multiple year book reading challenge, it sounds like a big commitment, but also fun to work on one goal for multiple years. I haven’t read any of the books on your list for this year. Although I read the first Kate Daniels book and just like you I wasn’t sold on it, but I am not sure whether I want to give the second book a try, although everyone says it’s better. Good luck with the challenge!

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      I’m in two multiple year challenges – this one and the Classics Club one (which is 5 years long). They’re really fun!

      The first Kate Daniels book didn’t make me very excited – but the second did. So I would recommend at least giving the second a try before giving up on the series ^^

  • http://itsallaboutbooks.de/ xcrini

    I need to read the Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest too and ASAP because I’m afraid it’s already been too long for me to remember enough of the first book >.<

    Glad that you give the Mistborn series another chance! Sad that you didn't like the first one but I hope it the 2nd can still change your mind about the whole series 😀

    I need to start Angus Watson's series! I have the first one but somehow never got to it. Maybe I'll jsut wait until the last one comes out and binge read the whole series.

    • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

      I might have to reread Assassin’s Apprentice too. I think I read it in 2010… >.> I only know there was something with a guy called Fitz who had the worst luck in the world.

      The Mistborn world is so cool – hopefully the second book will convince me of the characters as well. And I second your binge-reading Watson’s series idea 😀 Would be nice to have someone to talk to about those books, they’re not all that well-known

      • http://itsallaboutbooks.de/ xcrini

        It’s not even that long for me, it was the end of last year I think. But I’m so bad at remembering things >.<
        I'll definitely let you know when I'm reading them so we can talk!

        • Maraia

          Chiming in here to say that Robin Hobb’s books are fantastic! I hope you guys continue reading them soon. I actually started backwards with the Tawny Man trilogy, but I’m happy I read in that order. I’m two thirds of the way through the Liveship Traders trilogy, and the world building is even more amazing. I love how she ties all the series together.

          • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

            I can’t wait to read more of Hobb so I can experience that whole world she created an how it all ties in together 🙂

        • http://www.nyxbookreviews.com/ Celine

          Yes, please keep me in the loop 😀