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The End of an Era…

… and the start of a new one.

If you’ve frequented my blog before, you know that it used to look differently. And I loved how it looked and how my blog was for a very long time. But for the last few months I’ve been unsatisfied with it. I tried several things – dropping and reintroducing memes, hosting events, and finally, the Blog Detox.

And I’ve come to the realisation that honestly, I hated the Detox. Sure, writing a few discussion posts was fun for a little while, but soon I had no inspiration whatsoever and felt incredibly bored on a whole. Nyx Book Reviews started exclusively posting reviews. And that’s the road I’m going to take again. I love writing reviews, and sharing them with my readers. And apparently my readers love my reviews too – my page views haven’t been this low in ages.

And therefore I’m rebuilding the concept of Nyx Book Reviews – more as a review site rather than a blog. You’ll still recognise plenty of what I did before. My reviewing style won’t change, and I’ll still post about events or do discussion posts whenever I feel like it. But reviews will be what Nyx Book Reviews really is about.

So with this new direction, I’m hoping that my blog is ready for the next year or so. I hope you guys are having a great weekend, and bare with me while some parts of my blog are still under construction!