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The 1000th Blog Post of Nyx Book Reviews

This post will be the 1000th blog post on Nyx Book Reviews
One. Thousand. Posts.

I’ve wrecked my brain over this one. What can possibly be a worthy thing to post on a milestone as big as this? I’ve never celebrated a blogoversary – April always comes and goes – but I can’t ignore this one. Nyx Book Reviews is my baby, my digital pet, which has grown from a tiny Blogger blog into a mature self-hosted website. We’ve had tough times, but also many fun ones. Over the years, thousands of visitors have come to my little corner of the internet, often leaving their thoughts in comments. And that’s amazing.

This post is a thank you. A celebration. And also a confrontation because holy shit I put a lot of time in this thing.

So without further ado, this is my top 1000 posts on Nyx Book Reviews! Okay, just kidding, I settled for a top 10.

My ten favourite posts on Nyx Book Reviews
  1. Is Blogging Getting Old, Or Is It Just Me? (October 10th 2013) – Arguably my most popular post of all time. Even though I wrote it a year and a half ago, it still expresses how I feel so well
  2. It’s done. (April 20th 2010) – The first post on my blog. It’s adorable. It has a part of my review of It by Stephen King, and it announces my writing ambitions. Classic Celine.
  3. BR: Dracula (August 30th 2010) – This is the first really long review I’d written, and I was so proud of it. I actually still really like it, whereas some of my other old reviews make me cringe. In case you’re wondering – BR is shorthand for “book review”
  4. Gender Conventions in Fiction (September 29th 2013) – Girls like action, and boys like love stories. Gender equality is still just as hot a topic in 2015 as it was in 2013. Maybe even more so
  5. BR: The Sweet Far Thing (October 31st 2010) – This book made me really emotional, and I think this review reflected that so well. I also love how within the space of two months (between Dracula and The Sweet) my blog formatting has improved
  6. Back For Another Year & 2010 Wrap-Up (January 2nd 2011) – I still do these yearly wrap up posts every year in roughly the same format. What I love most about this post is the huge contrast: the amount of page views I used to get in a year, I now get in a single day
  7. BR: Bloodmaiden (September 13th 2010) – It’s not so much the content of this review that makes it special, but rather the context. Bloodmaiden was the very first digital review copy I ever received. I was stunned someone wanted to hear my thoughts on a book!
  8. London & The London Book Fair (April 23rd 2012) – This was the first time I went to the LBF, which was overwhelming yet also amazing
  9. Vlog: Introduction (June 14th 2012) – Most of you probably won’t remember this, but for the first few years of my blog I was anonymous. I never had a picture showing my face anywhere. After I turned 18, I decided to become known as “me”, and made a vlog part of a vlogging group. Look how cute I am!
  10. Review Copy Cleanup: Sign Up (February 17th 2012) – The first version of RCC, a month-long event I co-hosted with Vicky. We had such a great time doing this, even though we had no idea how to handle it, because it was our first event that required other people to actually participate

Every celebration needs presents, right? Over the years I’ve posted a ton of reviews on Nyx Book Reviews – so I’m giving away one book of your choice, as long as I have reviewed it (or discussed it, or wrote a mini review… if it’s on here, you can pick it, as long as it costs less than $15 on Book Depository). To inspect the prize pool, see my full list of reviews.

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