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review copy cleanup

Review Copy Cleanup: Goals & Pile

And we’re off! Today is the first day of the month-long event my bookish friend Vicky and me are hosting: the Review Copy Cleanup! If you haven’t heard of our awesome event, go here to read more about it. Sign ups are still open, so if you’re interested make sure to join the fun (: […]

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RCC Challenge: Love Will Find a Way

Hello everyone, and welcome to our fifth and final Review Copy Cleanup Challenge! Yes, the Review Copy Cleanup is coming to an end. Last week’s winners have been chosen by Random.org and are announced here. If you’re on the list but we haven’t contacted you yet, don’t worry, we will! In the Love Will Find […]

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RCC Challenge: My Mysterious Meetup

This is my own entry for the Mysterious Meetup Challenge (find the challenge here). It was very hard to choose between these two to meet up with, so I’m stealing Vicky’s idea of picking more than one (ha!). Here are the characters I would love to have a conversation with… Luna Lovegood from the Harry […]


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