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london book fair

I’m at the London Book Fair!

There won’t be a This Week’s New Books post today, as I’m currently on my way to the London Book Fair for three days of bookish awesomeness! If you happen to be in London in the upcoming few days as well, send me a Tweet and maybe we can meet up ;D I have some […]

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Books to Swap

Hi guys! I’m going to London this Sunday to visit the London Book Fair (eeeek!) and I thought maybe while I was there it would be nice to swap books with some fellow bloggers! These four are ones that I’ve read but didn’t enjoy enough to reread, and they’re looking for a new and loving […]

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I’m Going to the London Book Fair!

Most of the time, living in the Netherlands is kind of annoying if you are a book blogger. It means it’s pretty much impossible to go to signings, meetings, and other fun blogging stuff. You have to work harder to get publishers to send review copies to you, because let’s face it, you’re more expensive […]