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Vlog: Why We Like Reading Tag

From now on, vlogs will be posted regularly on Saturdays! If you have any comments or suggestions, please do let me know (: This week’s subject is the Why We Like Reading Tag. We all answer thirteen book-related questions. If you’re interested in watching more Fanatical About Fiction videos, check out our Youtube channel.

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Vlog: Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Read

Hi guys, it’s time for my second vlog! This time I will be discussing why everyone should read. For more vlogs of the Fanatical about Fiction group, visit our Youtube Channel. If you have any suggestions of what you want me to talk about next time, feel free to leave them in the comments (:


Vlog: Introduction

Hi guys! So last week I was on Twitter contemplating whether or not I wanted to start vlogging… Something I have never done before, but it seems like a lot of fun. Then, Lauren from Northern Plunder invited me to a project of hers called Fanatical about Fiction! This is vlogging group, consisting of seven […]

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