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Nyx at Night Wrap Up

With only minutes to spare, I’m posting the Nyx at Night wrap up. I’d like to thank all of the wonderful authors that took the time to write amazing posts, and the great publishers that facilitated giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, you can still enter a few of them! You get a free entry in all […]

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Frightfall Readathon

It’s the season for scary, spooky, or otherwise thrilling events, and we’re starting off with the Frightfall readathon! Hosted by Seasons of Reading the Frightfall readathon challenges you to read at least one scary book. You can make it as scary as you want to – you can put The Shining in the freezer and […]

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Sci-Fi Month: Fringe TV Series

As part of Sci-Fi Month hosted by Rinn Reads I’m sharing one of my favourite TV series… Fringe! I have to admit that I’ve never been big on science-fiction TV shows. I enjoyed the occasional sci-fi movie, but never series like The X-Files or Doctor Who (sorry!). When Fringe aired on Dutch TV I was […]

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