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Summer Library Challenge – Library Survey

I recently posted about how I miss libraries, and Kristen from The Book Monsters gently pointed me to their Summer Library Challenge. Yay!

For the challenge I’m going to try to read three books from the library, preferably books I don’t know much about. And I’ll try to participate in some happenings that are being hosted, one of which is this cool Library Survey.

1. What’s the name of your library and how close is it to where you live?

I actually frequent two libraries – one in my home town and one in my university town, Kerkrade and Tilburg respectively. They’re both associated with the same organisation though, and I think they’re just called Bibliotheek Kerkrade (Library Kerkrade) and Bibliotheek MB Tilburg Centrum (Library Tilburg Centre). Depending on where I am, they’re both about 10 minutes from where I live.

2. How frequently do you go to the library?

Well, since I used to work at the Tilburg library, I went there A LOT. But I quit, so I think I’ve only been there… once? Twice? The one in Kerkrade is even worse, I don’t think I go there unless I need a book for school.

3. What is the first section you normally go to when you get to the library?

The English book section! In both libraries they’re rather smallish, but there are often a lot of popular books I haven’t read yet. They also both have an English YA section now, which is awesome. They’re both a bit low on adult fantasy, which is a shame.

4. Share a link to your library’s webpage. How often do you use it and what for?

Here are the sites: Kerkrade and Tilburg. Both preeeetty similar. I do check them out pretty often, especially to look up if they have a certain book I want to read. Usually the answer is no, but sometimes I find it and I am a very happy person.

5. Does your library have a summer reading program for your age group? Do you participate and why or why not?

I don’t think summer reading programs are a thing in the Netherlands, so no. Never heard of any.

6. What is one thing you can think of that would make your library better?

First of all, more English fantasy. The Dutch fantasy section is pretty stocked, but for some reason the English one isn’t. It would also be cool if they had more graphic novels, it’s hard to even find super popular ones. And it would also be great if they didn’t start buying books at the second book in the series. We need the first book too, you know!

7. Does your library have a self checkout station and do you use it more than the circulation clerks?

Both only have self checkout stations, so that’s what I use.

8. What programs have you attended or thought of attending at your library?

Never attended any. The Kerkrade library has plenty of activities, but they’re mostly aimed at young children and the elderly.

9. Do you have family that utilizes the library with you? Who is your “library buddy”?

No library buddy, sadly. I used to always go to the library with my mom, but I can take myself now 😀

10. What is the best thing about your library?

It has books! And a lot of them. I like when libraries have a rather eclectic selection so everyone can find something they like, and both libraries have that.

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