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Sci-Fi Month: Fringe TV Series


As part of Sci-Fi Month hosted by Rinn Reads I’m sharing one of my favourite TV series… Fringe!

I have to admit that I’ve never been big on science-fiction TV shows. I enjoyed the occasional sci-fi movie, but never series like The X-Files or Doctor Who (sorry!).

When Fringe aired on Dutch TV I was interested, because it looked kinda shiny, but I never thought I’d love the show so much. It starts off with Agent Olivia Dunham joining the Fringe Division of the FBI. Together with Dr Walter Bishop, a slightly demented scientist, and his son Peter they solve cases that are beyond natural causes. In the first season the episodes are all self-contained case-based stories, but after a while a red thread develops between the cases, and the bigger picture is revealed.

Because of being busy and stuffs I haven’t been able to watch the final season yet. I can’t believe it’s over and there won’t be any new ones! Fringe has the perfect combination of suspense, reality and science-fiction, humour, love and family.

Have you ever watched Fringe? Do you have any recommendations of science-fiction shows that a Fringe-lover should watch?

And Walter has a cow in his lab. Cause that’s how he rolls

Did I mention the Observers? These bald hatted guys are in every. frigging. single. episode. They scare the hell out of me

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