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Rosemary & Rue Readalong: Week 1

Together with a bunch of awesome ladies, we are reading Seanan McGuire’s Rosemary and Rue. Every week we will discuss a few chapters based on some questions. This week’s host is Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow. To find out more about SF/F Read Alongs or to join, check out our Goodreads group. Or, learn more about the book we are currently reading.


1. So, first impressions time! What do you think of the book setup, first of all? Setting, magic system, Faerie in general?

The book starts off on such a bittersweet and sad note, I immediately had to read more and see if things ever got better for Toby. Somehow I completely missed that this book was about fae, so all of the different courts and Changelings and magic came a bit as a surprise. Overall, it’s not too hard to keep track of all the elements of the worldbuilding, but I can’t say I feel like I truly *know* the world or the magic system yet.

2. Now let’s take Toby Daye herself. We get to see some of how she’s grown up and how she fits in, or doesn’t, in the modern world as it is post-fish. What are your initial thoughts on her?

Hahaha, post-fish. I have to say, having the main character stuck as a fish for fourteen years is a nice change from the boring old amnesia-plot. I feel so sad for Toby. She only had the best intentions, but now she only lives half a life because of what happened to her. I’m looking forward to her finding a place where she belongs.

3. We have yet to properly meet certain characters (Devin and Sylvester), though we’ve gotten brief intros to others (Tybalt and the Queen of the Mists)… Who stands out for you among these secondary characters, and why?

The brief time we spend around fae characters such as Tybalt and the Queen intrigue me. On one hand these characters seem to be quite human, but their interactions are based on different rules than human ones. I have the feeling that Tybalt might become more of an ally than an enemy as the series progresses, but I could be wrong.

4. Toby has a murder mystery to solve. Any initial thoughts on the whodunit?

It’s still very early on, and we’ve barely had any clues as to what happened. My first hunch would be that the killer is a character that has not yet been introduced. Or one that has so far stayed in the background. Maybe it’s Sylvester? Who knows 😀


So far, I’ve been really enjoying Rosemary and Rue. I’m looking forward to next week’s reading!

Have you read Rosemary and Rue?

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